Marriott Content Studio was founded to create engaging
storytelling content across multiple platforms, nurture storytellers, and
highlight Marriott properties. Their mission revolves around delivering
compelling Content, fostering Community, and driving Commerce.

By treating TWO BELLMEN as a standalone production shot at JW
Marriott LA Live, they effectively showcased their strategy of providing
valuable content for travel enthusiasts, resulting in exceptional engagement
metrics. The film and trailer surpassed industry benchmarks by over 400%, with
a combined total of 6 million views on YouTube. Media coverage was extensive,
generating 247 million PR impressions worth approximately $34 million in ad

The association of the film with JW Marriott notably elevated
brand sentiment and search interest, demonstrating the success of the project
in enhancing brand awareness and consideration. Qualitatively, the film
solidified Marriott Content Studio's capabilities and reinforced Marriott's
image as a dynamic and entertaining brand, transcending its identity solely as
a travel company to become a significant media property.